Review of Deconstructing Service in Libraries: Intersections of Identities and Expectations

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Book Review

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In Deconstructing Service in Libraries: Intersections of Identities and Expectations, Veronica Arellano Douglas and Joanna Gadsby bring together nineteen essays from the perspectives of library workers of differing race, ethnicity, gender identity, and job title to discuss service and what it means in their respective roles. Arellano Douglas and Gadsby’s edited volume offers essays that highlight the frustration of librarians who feel underappreciated, undervalued, and, perhaps most importantly, underestimated in their professional spaces. Within Deconstructing Service in Libraries, Arellano Douglas and Gadsby collect insightful, real-world examples of library professionals tackling these issues, offering solidarity alongside valuable professional advice. This book is a key addition to today’s professional literature, as it encourages readers to think critically about the definition of service and how librarians might work to empower one another while honoring a commitment to providing information, educational support, and inclusion in their spaces.