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The Open Educational Resources movement in the United States and internationally is growing dramatically, as many government entities and educational institutions recognize the growing need and benefit of OERs. They are dynamic and evolving resources with the ability to reflect the nature of both teaching and learning. The field of OER research is also a growing field with studies exploring such things as cost savings, equitability of access, and student success using OER.


Part I: What is OER, Copyright, and Open Licensing?

Open Textbook Initiative & Taskforce [00:56]

OER Definitions [02:39]

Copyright [04:26]

Public Domain [05:40]

Fair Use [06:43]

Patents & Trademarks [08:05]

Licensing [09:25]

Creative Commons [10:16]

Part II: Materials, Movements, & Moving Forward

Recap [00:22]

Examples of OER [01:17]

OER at SHU [01:56]

OER in Higher Education [03:16]

Amazon Inspire [04:07]

OER & National Government [04:43]

Babson Survey [06:53]

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