Acting Department Chair: Bernadette Boyle, Ph.D.

The Mathematics Department currently has 14 full-time faculty members and approximately 50 mathematics majors. Parallel to the mission of the university in its vision and purpose, our faculty is committed to teaching excellence and providing an appropriate mathematical background to all University students. Our primary objective is to foster quantitative literacy by focusing on the ability to think critically and solve problems through oral and written communication. Our mathematics major program is designed to provide students with a strong foundation in the fundamental areas of mathematics such as calculus, linear algebra, probability and statistics, real analysis, and modern algebra, as well as provide students with a variety of interesting mathematical electives to enhance the major. Our major culminates with the opportunity for every student to do independent research with a faculty member. Math majors will graduate with the knowledge necessary to achieve success in graduate studies, a teaching career, or a variety of statistical and/or business careers.


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