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Fall 2011


Warfield modules are direct summands of simply presented Zp - modules, or, alternatively, are Zp - modules possessing a nice decomposition basis with simply presented cokernel. They have been classified up to isomorphism by theor Ilm-Kaplansky and Warfield invariants. Taking a model theoretic point of view and using infinitary languages we give here a complete theoretic characterization of a large class of Zp - modules having a nice decomposition basis. As a corollary, we obtain the classical classification of countable Warfield modules. This generalizes results by Barwise and Eklof.


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R. Göbel, K. Leistner, P. Loth and L. Strüngmann. "Infinitary equivalence of Zp -modules with nice decomposition bases." Journal of Commutative Algebra 3.3 (Fall 2011): 321-348.