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All students should have the opportunity to do mathematics in a meaningful way for the sheer fun of it. Such experiences, if well designed, improve students’ effective thinking skills, increase their appreciation of the beauty and utility of mathematics, and prepare them to be mathematically-literate members of society. This session invites talks on how we can engage the liberal arts student through courses specifically designed for them. We welcome presentations on innovative course design, pedagogy, projects, or activities, as well as talks on tools used to assess such courses. Presentations should include a research basis for the design or pedagogical choices, a report on outcomes in student learning or attitude, or other evidence of success. Papers about programs demonstrating success engaging students who enter the course reluctant to engage in mathematics are especially encouraged. We also welcome talks on first year seminars or other experiences that engage first year students in doing mathematics as well as Honors courses in mathematics that incorporate the liberal arts.


MAA MathFest 2016 in Columbus, Ohio.