Vatican II: A Universal Call to Holiness

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A collection of presentations from the Vatican II Conference, A Universal Call to Holiness, held at Sacred Heart University, Fairfield, CT April 23-24, 2012. Seven of the presentations are based on the seven speeches given by several cardinals at the conclusion of the council on December 8, 1965.

Table of Contents:

The future of Vatican II: the vision of the Council beyond the "narratives" / Massimo Faggioli -- To the rulers: Reading the classics to renew hope / R. Scott Appleby -- To women: If it wasn't for the women : Roman Catholic women and their church / Diana L. Hayes -- To the poor, the sick, and the suffering / Roberto S. Goizueta -- To artists: A reflection / Michael J. Himes -- To youth / Sarah L. Heiman and Peter Denio -- To workers: Work and the working life fifty years after the Council / Nancy Dallavalle -- To women and men of science: Science, spirituality and Vatican II / John F. Haught -- Conclusion: Holiness in the future, holiness as future / Michael W. Higgins.


New York: Paulist Press, 2012. ISBN 9780809147878

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