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Pope John Paul's encyclical deals with themes of utmost concern to all of us. It confronts many of the questions of ethics and morality that address the ethical malaise pervading our contemporary society and is a profound analysis and evaluation of modernity offering a significant and comprehensive alternative. As such it not only concerns the faithful among the Catholic Church but also all individuals concerned with ethical questions.

The lessons it depicts and the doctrines it sets forth are meant as a guide to all individuals who are concerned with what makes for true satisfaction and an abiding good for human beings and for society.

There is much in The Splendor of Truth that is consistent with Jewish teaching and in many ways Judaism and Catholicism stand on common ground.


At the time of publication Jack Bemporad was Director, Center for Christian-Jewish Understanding, Sacred Heart University, Fairfield, Connecticut.

This text was also published as: Bemporad, Jack (1994) "Some Jewish Reflections on The Splendor of Truth," Sacred Heart University Review: Vol. 14: Iss. 1, Article 11.