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At Catholic universities we have lofty and ambitious learning outcomes for our graduates. We want to provide our students with the knowledge, ideas, skills, and critical abilities needed to understand} reflect upon, and act with purpose and effect in our increasingly complex, ever-changing, global-world. We want to equip our students with the intellectual abilities, spiritual discernment, and moral and ethical principles that will enable them to distinguish between those things which inspire the mind, satisfy the soul, and advance the human good - and those things which do not. We want to develop in them the intelligence and compassion needed to serve and lead in our world today. In all, we want our graduates to live lives which reflect, that as creatures of a loving God, their lives and their world are sacred and divine.

But how do we embed these goals into a vision and mission that can constitute a distinctly Catholic identity for our institutions and at the same time maintain the institution's essential character as a university?

To respond to this question the author discusses the Common Core curriculum of Sacred Heart University in Fairfield Connecticut.


Originally published:

Loris, Michelle. "Engaging The Catholic Intellectual Tradition - Sacred Heart University's Common Core: The Human Journey." Una sancta catholica et apostolica: Einheit und Anspruch des Katholischen. Ed. Jean Ehret and Erwin Möde. Freiburg im Breisgau: Herder, 2009.



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