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The signs of the times, that we are living in the midst of, are dramatic, suggesting perhaps radical challenges, but potentially wonderful opportunities, for humanity and the Church, e.g., globalization; the pervasiveness of secularization in the Western world; the encounter with Islam and the increased importance of inter-religious dialogue; the geographical shift of the center of Catholicism; the scientific-technological revolution; the reality of the poor; and the emerging crisis of global warming are among the most significant.

As the Catholic Church emerges as a truly global church, Catholic universities have an essential role to play in its mission in the world. The long history of Catholic universities ought to give us confidence in their abilities to assist in that mission.


Originally published:

Cernera, Anthony J. "The Catholic Character of Catholic Universities." Una sancta catholica et apostolica: Einheit und Anspruch des Katholischen. Ed. Jean Ehret and Erwin Möde. Freiburg im Breisgau: Herder, 2009.



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