Chronic Disease Management Models, Pain Management, and Palliative Care

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This chapter provides a brief overview of palliative care and chronic disease management. The advanced practice nurse (APN) role and relationship between chronic disease and palliative care symptom management are discussed in the context of quality of life for patients with serious illness and its effect on their families. Additionally, information pertinent to the goals of care and transitions of care are discussed. Some key national organizations instrumental in providing palliative care resources and guidelines are described and presented. Symptom management in palliative care is reviewed, and resources are provided for further information and up-to-date symptom management guidelines. Finally, a case study is presented to pull the elements of chronic disease and palliative care together in the context of advance practice nursing.


Chapter 7. Role development for the nurse practitioner 3rd ed., Susan DeNisco (Ed.)

ISBN 9781284234305 (paperback); 9781284238617 (ebook)

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