Family-Focused Clinical Practice: Considerations for the Nurse Practitioner

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As nurse practitioners, we interface with the patient at the point of care and often neglect to consider the individual in the context of a family unit. It is our moral and ethical obligation to consider the health of families throughout their life cycle. Despite changing demographics, most patients live with family members, and these relationships can strongly influence the health and illness of its members (Bray & Campbell, 2007). It is imperative that we consider family background, structure, and level of function when caring for the individual patient. The information that we glean from the patient will have a significant effect on the health and well-being of the patient, and it has the potential to improve the health of the family unit when the nurse practitioner collaborates with and involves the family in the framework of the treatment plan.


Chapter 3 in Role Development for the Nurse Practitioner.

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