Telehealth: Increasing Access to Health Care

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As one of the most disruptive healthcare innovations, telehealth has rapidly become a successful way to provide safe, cost-effective quality care to patients remotely. Nurse practitioners (NPs) who are the primary providers of care for populations that may be distant, underprivileged, or unable to easily get medical treatment need to develop the expertise, skills, and mindset to employ telehealth technologies (Finely & Shea, 2019). Current information and technology for example computers, the Internet, and smart phones have changed how people exchange information and how health care is provided (WHO, 2010). Telehealth was conceptualized early on but has evolved throughout the years to become an important way to deliver health care. It is important to define telehealth and how it is applicable for nurse practitioners in clinical practice.


Chapter 13 in Role Development for the Nurse Practitioner, 3rd ed.

ISBN 9781284234305 (paperback); 9781284238617 (ebook)

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