Department Chair: Dawn Melzer, Ph.D.

The Psychology Program at Sacred Heart University provides its students with a basic foundation in the scientific study of human behavior. This background is of value to two groups of students: those who enter the employment market after completion of the baccalaureate degree, and those who further their education through graduate study and pursue a career in psychology or a related field. Learning outcomes that every Sacred Heart University psychology graduate will achieve: Be able to articulate the most important contributions of each of the major schools of thought in Psychology. Display the ability to think critically in assessing various psychological theories and empirical findings. Communicate effectively both orally and in writing about their own and others’ research findings. Be able to identify, gather, and synthesize appropriate background information for empirical research projects. Demonstrate comprehension and facility regarding research methods and statistical analysis skills. Participate effectively in working relationships with other students and with instructors. Understand the major ethical issues in psychological research with humans and animals. Demonstrate an understanding of different cultural perspectives. Participate in service learning projects with appropriate reflection on the experience. Identify how the Psychology major has influenced his or her personal growth, life choices, and career development.


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