When External Trends and Internal Practice Collide: Is There an App for That?

Document Type

Peer-Reviewed Article

Publication Date

Spring 2019


If organization development (OD) is to remain relevant and impactful as a field, we as practitioners need to be constantly on alert regarding the latest trends, theories, and concepts being pitched in organizational settings.

If we think about the implications of organizations and doing OD work in this new world order of digitization and agile organizations, one could argue we might need a completely different set of processes and/ or competencies than in the past. This question recently became front and center for us. In response to the increasing trends in the marketplace noted above and various efforts already underway throughout the organization regarding the digital transformation of our business (e.g., in the marketing, sales, and operations functions for example), we were recently asked to explore the concept of digital capability and digital leaders specifically. The initial request from senior leadership was in the form of “who are our digital leaders” followed closely by “what does it mean to be a digital leader?”


James A. Scrivani, Ph.D., is a Director in PepsiCo’s Global Talent Assessment & Development COE. He is also an adjunct professor of psychology at Sacred Heart University.