Partnering With Those We Serve: Using Experiential Learning Activities to Support Community Nursing Practice

Kathleen S. Fries, Sacred Heart University
Julie G. Stewart, Sacred Heart University


Fries, Kathleen, and Julie G. Stewart. "Partnering With Those We Serve: Using Experiential Learning Activities To Support Community Nursing Practice." Creative Nursing 18.3 (2012): 93-97.



The concept of community is multidimensional and may include geographical boundaries and/or the shared interests of its members. Community nursing practice involves nurses, patients, and families who collaborate to address health issues and to promote positive health initiatives. Informed by community health theorists, experiential learning activities provide the structure to promote partnering in community nursing practice to achieve outcomes that benefit those who serve and those who are served.

The principles that support the interprofessional connections inherent in phenomenological communities, combined with the geographical boundaries outlined in geopolitical communities, inform the theories and models for community or community health nursing, which are described subsequently. Following an exploration of nursing theorists, several learning experiences that link practice to theory will also be described.