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In recent years there has been an increase in the number of courses and degree programs offered online. This is particularly true in the field of industrial and organizational psychology, wherein many students are working professionals who, while unable to leave their jobs, are seeking convenient ways to supplement their experience with the necessary education. Despite this surge in student interest, many educators lack explicit training in making the transition to online education. Here, a variety of individuals experienced in various aspects of developing online I-O degree programs—both undergraduate and graduate—discuss best practices for such a program as well as discuss its pedagogical challenges. In attempts to guide other institutions developing similar programs in the future, these individuals discuss what has (and has not) worked as they have supplemented their institutions’ traditional on-campus I-O programs with online equivalents.


Published: Mills, M.J., Knight, P. A., Kraiger, K., Mayer, W., & LaFontana, K. M. (2011). “Developing and managing I/O online: What’s behind the virtual classroom?” The Industrial-Organizational Psychologist, 48, 31-37.

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