The Master of Science in Applied Psychology (MSAP)program will teach you how to apply the science of human behavior to solve practical real-world problems through a unique delivery system of eight-week courses. You can accelerate your degree completion, finishing the entire program in as little as one calendar year by taking two classes per session in our evening hybrid (online and on-campus) program. You may even decide to start with a 12-credit certificate in one of two specialty areas that can later be applied to the master’s degree as a concentration. The program is built on a scientist-practitioner model, in which students gain a solid foundation in the science of psychology, and learn to apply this knowledge and skill set to real world, practical problems. Consideration of ethical issues is woven through all courses, so that the issues of human dignity and social justice are infused throughout the entire program.


Submissions from 2018


Job Analysis Report for Actors Including Selection Procedures and Training Recommendations, Catherine M. Pagliaro

Submissions from 2015


Compliance: Film About a Real-Life Milgram Experiment, Christina J. Taylor, Ryan Bushman, Lori Gwilliam, Michael Novis, and Johanna Tiarks

Submissions from 2013


Mental Illness Prevention: Exploring Effective Coping Strategies for School-Aged Children, Julie-Anne McCarthy

Submissions from 2011

Self-Esteem and Its Relationship to Sensation Seeking Behaviors, Laura Turiano