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The effectiveness of treatment programs used in juvenile drug courts within the United States is often questioned. The two research articles that will be discussed tested two different treatment programs in hopes that they would lead to more favorable outcomes than the programs currently in place.

Research into effective drug and alcohol treatment programs to be used within the juvenile justice system needs to be a priority. There are too many kids who get lost in the system, rather than helped. Both of these studies were conducted based on the same belief of how vital this research is. The “Enhancing the Effectiveness of Juvenile Drug Courts by Integrating Evidence-Based Practices” research study was more effective and I believe will be more useful for the juvenile justice system going forward than the study, “Evaluation of a Court-Ordered MADD Presentation for Juvenile Alcohol and Drug Offenders”.


Honorable Mention in the 2013 Writing Across the Curriculum contest. Undergraduate paper submitted as a requirement for a course taught by Dr. Carrie Picardi in the Psychology Department of Sacred Heart University



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