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Introduction: French Contrast Method (FCM) was first created by French track and field coach Gilles Cometti. Anecdotally, FCM is widely utilized by strength and conditioning coaches in their programming for athletes. However, research on the effectiveness of this method is limited. Methods: A pre-post design was used to examine the effects of FCM on maximum strength and vertical jumping performance. A total of 10 weight-trained males volunteered to participate in this study (Age: 21.84±2.38, Height: 175.37±4.94, Body Mass: 80.6±11.11 Training Age: 4.7±2.3, one repetition maximum (1RM) Back Squat: 136.9±37.14, 1RM Trap Bar Deadlift: 189±42.85).


Mathew L. Welch and Eric T. Lopatofsky are students in the Master of Science of Exercise Science & Nutrition program; Jared R. Morris is a student in the Bachelor of Science of Exercise Science program in the College of Health Professions.

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14th Annual Coaching and Sport Science College

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Johnson City, TN



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