Disruptive Change in the Classroom, the Clinic, and Our Profession

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Physical Therapy


Description:This session will be presented by experts involved in entry-level and postprofessional physical therapist education. The speakers will provide evidence-based ideas to promote disruptive change in education, practice, and our profession. These presenters will show how they are using disruptive applications for research translation and clinical reasoning within an optimizing movement paradigm.

Learning Objectives: 1 . Realize why disruptive change is needed in entry-level education, expertise development, and delivering cost-effective care.
2. Understand how to apply disruptive change concepts as a physical therapist educator, clinical specialist, and organizational leader.
3. Easily develop skill sets such as clinical reasoning, pattern recognition, pain, and movement sciences to accelerate expertise in optimizing movement.
4. Build leadership skills essential in navigating changes in the profession and health care landscape.

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Combined Sections Meeting of the American Physical Therapy Association

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Anaheim CA