Using Clinical Pattern Recognition to Demystify Cervico-Thoracic and Shoulder Complex Problems

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Physical Therapy


It is evident from the scarcity of literature using clinical pattern recognition to demystify problems in the cervico-thoracic spine and shoulder complex that many healthcare providers do not adequately manager this area. Exam and treatment approaches have been published in isolation but these were not presented as a combined sports, manual and movement approach to providing patient-centered care. It is a common pitfall that the interplay between these three regions is often missed leading to less than optimal interventions. This course aims to provide the missing link in how to correctly identify contributions from these three regions and from manual therapy and movement science examination approaches so that specific interventions are targeted to the cause and source of the problem thereby achieving desired outcomes. NFL/MLB cases will be presented by an ESPN analyst to help attendees better comprehend how the author successful applied these concepts in her practice environment.


Educational Session (1-1/2 hours) and peer reviewed.

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California Physical Therapy Association Annual Conference

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Oakland, CA