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Physical Therapy


Describes one particular approach to teaching evidence-based practice in physical therapy. At Sacred Heart University students begin course work that is foundational to preparing them for evidence-based practice. In the first semester of study, they take a Concepts in Measurement unit. During the second semester, I teach a semester-long Clinical Research course that focuses on understanding concepts of clinical research and on critical review of physical therapy literature. During the third and fourth semesters of study, when they are doing their clinical coursework, the emphasis is on the concepts of validity and reliability of the tools they use. The students also have an additional opportunity to do some limited critical review of the literature. Then, in the fifth semester of study - their fifth and final academic semester - the students take a course called Research in Evidence-Based Practice. This course is the so-called capstone experience in the state of Connecticut.

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Evidence-Based Healthcare Practice: General Principles and Focused Applications to Geriatric Physical Therapy

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Marymount University, Arlington, Virginia