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Spring 2013


Purpose: To determine if any kinematic differences exist between two common sprint drills (A- and B-drills) and maximal sprinting. Methods: 12 collegiate sprinters (19.17±1.11 y/o) granted informed consent were filmed performing two 40-meter sprints, A-skips, and B-skips. Three-dimensional motion analysis tracked the coordinates of 24 reflective markers and resulting joint kinematics were computed. Results: Statistical analysis revealed that sprinting yielded a significantly lower maximum hip flexion (p=0.015) but a significantly higher minimum ankle angular velocity (p=0.012) and step rate (p=0.000) value than A-drills. When compared to B-drills, sprinting values were significantly lower in maximum hip flexion (p=0.047), minimum knee flexion (p=0.043), and maximum hip angular velocity (p=0.006), but significantly higher in minimum ankle angular velocity (p=0.018) and step rate (p=0.000). Experienced sprinters had a significantly greater maximum plantar-flexion in sprinting (p=0.031) and minimum knee flexion in A-drills (p=0.030) than inexperienced sprinters. Inexperienced sprinters had a significantly greater plantar-flexion in A-drills (p=0.026) and B-drills (p=0.046), B-drill maximum knee flexion (p=0.016), maximum ankle angular velocity (p=0.024), and minimum knee angular velocity (p=0.048) than experienced sprinters. Conclusion: Since several kinematic differences exist between two common sprint drills as compared to maximal sprinting, efficacy of their uses is questioned.


Exercise Science

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Matthew Moran


An undergraduate thesis submitted to the Thomas More Honors Program in partial fulfillment of the requirements of the degree in Department of Physical Therapy and Human Movement Science.



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