Document Type

Peer-Reviewed Article

Publication Date

Summer 1996


The purpose of this article is to present a series of suggestions for increasing cardiopulmonary content in clinical education experiences. This article offers strategies for maximizing cardiopulmonary clinical education experiences of physical therapy students in order to better prepare them to function in the changing clinical environment. Specific strategies addressed include: 1) enhancing student selfdirectedness; 2) integrating cardiopulmonary content into management of patients with a variety of diagnoses; and 3) use of resources for student and staff development. A series of guiding questions to facilitate student learning in the area of cardiopulmonary physical therapy is provided. Alternative models for full time and short term clinical education experiences are discussed. Development of clinical instructors with knowledge and skill in cardiopulmonary PT and the ability to facilitate positive cardiopulmonary clinical education experiences for students is imperative in order to prepare effective clinicians who are advocates for the cardiopulmonary needs of patients.


Cardiopulmonary Physical Therapy Journal






Wolters Kluwer





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