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Purpose: Active video gaming (AVG) is used in physical therapy (PT) to treat individuals with a variety of diagnoses across the lifespan. The literature supports improvements in balance, cardiovascular endurance, and motor control; however, evidence is lacking regarding the implementation of AVG in PT education. This study investigated doctoral physical therapy (DPT) students' confidence following active exploration of AVG systems as a PT intervention in the United States.

Methods: This pretest-posttest study included 60 DPT students in 2017 (Cohort 1) and 55 students in 2018 (Cohort 2) enrolled in a problem-based learning curriculum. AVG systems were embedded into patient cases and 2 interactive laboratory classes across 2 consecutive semesters (April-December 2017 and April-December 2018). Participants completed a 31-question survey before the intervention and 8 months later. Students' confidence was rated for general use, game selection, plan of care, set-up, documentation, setting, and demographics. Descriptive statistics and the Wilcoxon signed-rank test were used to compare differences in confidence pre- and post-intervention.

Results: Both cohorts showed increased confidence at the post-test (cohort 1: pre-test, median [IQR]=57.1 [44.3-63.5]), post-test, median [IQR]=79.1 [73.1-85.4]; cohort 2: pre-test, median [IQR]=61.4 [48.0-70.7], post-test, median [IQR]=89.3 [80.0-93.2]). Cohort 2 was significantly more confident at baseline than cohort 1 (P


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