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As part of the 2018 Clinical Practice Guideline (CPG): A Core Set of Outcome Measures for Adults with Neurologic Conditions Undergoing Rehabilitation, a Knowledge Translation (KT) Task Force was convened. The purpose of this short report was to (1) demonstrate the potential impact of a CPG KT Task Force through a practical example of efforts to implement a CPG into neurologic physical therapy practice and (2) describe the process to convene a KT Task Force and develop products (KT Toolkit) to facilitate implementation of the CPG.


To describe the process used by the KT Task Force to develop and review a KT Toolkit for implementation of the CPG.


Utilizing the Knowledge-To-Action Cycle framework, eight tools were developed as part of the KT Toolkit and are available with open access to the public. Findings indicate that the Core Outcome Measures Homepage, which houses the KT Toolkit, has had greater than 70,000 views since its publication.


This short report serves as an example of the efforts made to implement a CPG into physical therapy practice. The processes to facilitate KT and the tools developed can inform future implementation efforts and underscore the importance of having a KT Task Force to implement a CPG. Moving forward, KT Task Forces should be convened to implement new or revised guidelines.


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