The Faithful Parent: Discovering the Spirit of Purposeful Parenting

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The Faithful Parent provides parents with the tools necessary to develop their 'philosophical faith' in order to live more fulfilling lives while guiding their children with greater purpose. Philosophical faith begins with a belief in one's self, akin to a sixth sense or intuition, which can help navigate the obstacles of everyday life. The Faithful Parent explores this worldly faith in several ways: faith in self, faith in the hidden meaning and coherence of the world, faith in the child, faith in reason, and faith in faith itself, or faith that it is worthwhile to work at developing faith.

Table of contents: Introduction : Philosophical faith or the faith we already have -- Faith in the higher self -- Faith in the world -- Faith in the child -- Faith in reason -- Faith and freedom or faith in faith -- Epilogue: Simple steps to philosophical faith.


ISBN: 9780742558588