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It is our eternal shadow and our ultimate judge. It is our shared destiny and greatest fear; death. The conceptualization of death has always been a fascination of man; we have forever explored it, pondered it, dissected it, but never conquered it. We know how to live, but yet very few of us know how to die.

Two of the most brilliant explorations of this dynamic are vastly different yet inherently important works. The genius of both George Orwell’s political satire 1984, and Albert Camus’ The Plague is their accessibility to the imagination regarding dying, the authors ability to paint such a bleak picture of destitution and the finality of life is an invitation to the reader to contemplate our own brief stint on this earth and in turn measure the very fiber of our societal discourse.


Paper written in partial requirement for RSCC-104, Religious Studies Common Core Human Search for Truth/Justice Fall 2012, taught by Professor Ono Ekeh, Ph.D.

Honorable Mention paper for the Writing Across the Curriculum Prize 2013.



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