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The perfect curve of a circle, gently overlapping the curve of another. Two primary shapes, intersecting to form an almond of sorts. Segregating. Separating the things that are just so dissimilar that they cannot share space. Good and bad, black and white, rich and poor: the dichotomies that fuel the human condition. These things seem absolute. It is one or the other. Yet sometimes, you get the almond. The commonalities. The proportionately smaller region of the diagram. Those rare spaces that illustrate two diverging concepts on common ground. Those grey, ambiguous areas that eclipse the two circles entirely.


Undergraduate capstone paper written in partial fulfillment of the requirements for course Religious Studies Commons Core RSCC 104: The Human Search for Truth, Justice, and the Common Good."

This paper also won the second prize in the Writing Across the Curriculum contest for undergraduate students, presented at the 2015 Sacred Heart University Undergraduate Academic Festival, and submitted by Dr. Christopher Kelly, Theology and Religious Studies.


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