In Love with Life: An American Dream of a Luxembourger


In Love with Life: An American Dream of a Luxembourger


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Based on the author's La vie, passionnément. French edition published in 2004 by Editions Saint Paul, Luxembourg.

On cover and title page: Pampered child, Refugee, Factory Worker, International Banker: New Thinking.

The unprecedented problems that challenge most of our major institutions and our traditional ways of doing things are so new that few of us have the courage or even the capacity to consider them. Yet Edmond Israel enthusiastically relishes the opportunity to think differently and boldly about how to hold our problems together in creative tension and wrestle with them until moral and efficient solutions can be found.

Edmond Israel was born in Luxembourg and is of Luxembourg nationality. After a long and distinguished career in international banking, he became Chairman of the Luxembourg Stock Exchange in 1989 and held the post of President of the Federation of European Stock Exchanges from 1993 to 1995. In 1998, he was elected Vice-Chairman and in 1999 Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Asia-Europe Foundations. He has received numerous international honors from universities, governments, and other public bodies in recognition of his contribution to culture, the financial markets, and Luxembourg.



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Sacred Heart University Press


Fairfield CT


Biography, Memoir, Philosophy, Vision, Optimism


Other Philosophy


Foreword by Anthony J. Cernera.

In Love with Life: An American Dream of a Luxembourger