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On October 28, 1965, the Catholic bishops of the world voted to approve the shortest and perhaps most controversial document of Vatican II, Nostra Aetate, which addresses the relationship of the Catholic Church to non-Christians. Significantly, it signaled to the Jewish people and to the world that the Catholic Church was rethinking its attitudes, teachings and practices regarding Jews.

More than 40 years later, editor Anthony J. Cernera, Ph.D., former president of Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, Connecticut, presents a volume of essays describing the past, present and future of the Nostra Aetate story. It calls attention to the pioneers and pivotal events that have paved the way to where we are now and what needs to be done as we forge ahead and make Nostra Aetate into a lasting reality.



Publication Date



Sacred Heart University Press


Fairfield CT


Judaism, Catholic Church, Vatican Council II, Catholics, Non-Christians


Catholic Studies | Jewish Studies | Religious Thought, Theology and Philosophy of Religion


Table of Contents:

Nostra Aetate revisited / Edward Idris Cardinal Cassidy -- The teaching of the Second Vatican Council on Jews and Judaism -- Lawrence E. Frizzell -- A bridge to new Christian-Jewish understanding : Nostra Aetate at 40 / John T. Pawlikowski -- Progress in Jewish-Christian dialogue / Mordecai Waxman -- Landmarks and landmines in Jewish-Christian relations / Judith Hershcopf Banki -- Catholics and Jews: twenty centuries and counting / Eugene Fisher -- The Center for Christian-Jewish Understanding of Sacred Heart University: an example of fostering dialogue and understanding / Anthony J. Cernera -- Nostra Aetate: a Catholic act of metanoia / Philip A. Cunningham -- Are you the one who is to come or, is this the way it is?: Nostra Aetate: what difference is it making in North America? / Frans Jozef van Beeck.

Examining Nostra Aetate After 40 Years: Catholic-Jewish Relations in Our Time



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