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This collection of essays by a variety of educators, scholars, and theologians lays out some of the content behind the term "Catholic intellectual tradition," a tradition that is both a treasury of classic and contemporary texts, including religious and aesthetic products, and a "way of doing things" borne of experience, prayer, and critical reflection. Contributions focus on such topics as the ideal of the Catholic mind, the relationship between Catholicism and other faith traditions, notions of the Catholic artist and intellectual, and future directions for Catholic universities.



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Sacred Heart University Press


Fairfield CT


Catholic Universities, Learning, Higher Education, Philosophy


Catholic Studies | Higher Education Administration | Philosophy


Table of contents:

The Catholic intellectual tradition in the Catholic University / Monika Hellwig -- On the task and vocation of the Catholic college / Louis Dupré -- Spirituality and philosophy: the ideal of the Catholic mind / Gerald A. McCool -- Monastic culture and the Catholic intellectual tradition / Jeremy Driscoll -- The Christian wisdom tradition and enlightenment reason / Gerald A. McCool -- Openness and limit in the Catholic encounter with other faith traditions / Francis X. Clooney -- The Catholic intellectual tradition: a gloriously rich but difficult inheritance / Ursula King -- "The open-ended mystery of matter": readings of the Catholic imagination / John B. Breslin -- The Catholic "Intellectual": an empirical investigation / Andrew M. Greeley -- The Catholic intellectual tradition: some characteristics, implications, and future directions / Andrew J. Cernera and Oliver J. Morgan.

Examining the Catholic Intellectual Tradition



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