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This volume continues and expands on the conversations in Volume 1 about the vitality, influence and contemporary relevance of the Catholic intellectual tradition. The particular concern of this volume is to explore what it means to imbue that tradition in the day-to-day life at Catholic colleges and universities. Contributions focus on such topics as the responsibilities of being stewards of the Catholic intellectual tradition, the challenges and rewards of learning and teaching within that tradition, current perceptions of Catholic identity in academia and the ongoing task of harmonizing faith and reason.



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Sacred Heart University Press


Fairfield CT


Catholic Universities, Learning, Higher Education, Philosophy


Christian Denominations and Sects | Higher Education Administration | Philosophy


Table of contents:

Stewards of the tradition : Christ the center / Robert P. Imbrelli -- Revitalizing religion in the academy / Kathleen A. Mahoney -- Catholic intellectual life / David J. O'Brien -- The work of Catholic intellectuals / Margaret O'Brien Steinfels -- "Catholic" and "intellectual" : the way I see it / Brian Stiltner -- College educators and the maintenance of Catholic identity / Michele Dillon -- The Catholic intellectual tradition : challenges and responses / Michael J. Himes -- Polytheism, henotheism and idolatry / Francis X. Clooney -- On the goals of Catholic education / Louis Dupré -- A critical look at the Catholic intellectual tradition / Ursula King -- The Jesuit ideal of a teacher : a complex and developing tradition / Gerald A. McCool -- Teaching as vocation / Monika K. Hellwig -- The vocation of teaching / Mildred Haipt -- Teaching and learning, faith and reason / Gerald A. McCool -- Learning in the Catholic intellectual tradition / Anthony J. Cernera and Oliver J. Morgan.

Examining the Catholic Intellectual Tradition: Issues and Perspectives



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