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The essays gathered in the Festschrift, on the occasion of Father McCool's eightieth birthday, celebrate his life and contributions to the Church and the Catholic intellectual tradition.



Publication Date



Sacred Heart University Press


Fairfield CT


Catholic Theology, Catholic Church, Catholic Thought


Religious Thought, Theology and Philosophy of Religion


Table of contents:

Faith and reason : the case of Jacob Frohschammer / John P. Boyle -- Philosophy and philosophizing in theology / William V. Dych -- The foundational phoenix: regrounding theology in a postmodern age / Donald L. Gelpi -- Thomism and the second Vatican Council / Joseph A. Komonchak -- Divine transcendence and eternity : the early Lonergan's recovery of Thomas Aquinas as a response to Father McCool's question / Matthew L. Lamb -- Theological anthropology in the encyclicals of John Paul II / John O'Donnell -- The witness of Engelbert Krebs / Thomas F. O'Meara -- Head and heart in Rousselot and Lonergan / Andrew Tallon -- The vicarious use of conscience : love vs. ideology / Frans Jozef van Beeck -- Spirituality and philosophy : the ideal of the Catholic mind / Gerald A. McCool.

Continuity and Plurality in Catholic Theology: Essays in Honor of Gerald A. McCool, S.J.



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