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Public Policy in Connecticut examines ten of the key policy challenges that currently confront Connecticut lawmakers. Following an overview essay by the editor, discussing the recent transfer of power to state governments and outlining the policy challenges faced by lawmakers, each of these challenges is taken up in a separate essay by the volume's contributors. The first challenges considered, associated with economic growth, transportation, environmental protection, ethnic diversity, and ethics in politics, affect the Connecticut public at large. The remaining issues discussed are health care, services for the aged, prison overcrowding and recidivism, inner-city education, and higher education affect more specific population groups, but still have consequences for all state residents. The book examines each issue in depth, and sets an agenda for legislative action and citizen concern.



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Sacred Heart University Press


Fairfield CT


Economic Policy | Education Policy | Energy Policy | Environmental Policy | Family, Life Course, and Society | Health Policy | Politics and Social Change | Public Affairs, Public Policy and Public Administration | Public Policy | Social Policy | Transportation | Urban Studies

Public Policy in Connecticut: Challenges and Perspectives



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