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Connecticut's Fourth Congressional District: History, Politics, and the Maverick Tradition is a case study of one of the most unique congressional districts in the United States. Located in Fairfield County, the fourth district is a bedroom community close to New York City. The district's close proximity to Wall Street, the tendency of the district's constituents to elect free-thinking congresspersons, and the wealth and celebrity status of many district residents have resulted in a setting which can be described as an anomaly in the larger context of congressional politics. Contents: Introduction -- Connecticut's Fourth Congressional District: geography and demographics -- A Congressional district in transition -- A district represented by mavericks -- Dawn of a new era -- The 2010 Republican nominating contest -- The 2010 election campaign -- The 2010 election results -- Conclusion.



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Sacred Heart University Press


Fairfield, CT


Election Districts, Connecticut, History, Congress, United States, House of Representatives


American Politics | State and Local Government Law | United States History

Connecticut's Fourth Congressional District: History, Politics, and the Maverick Tradition



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