Educators in the Catholic Intellectual Tradition


Educators in the Catholic Intellectual Tradition


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This book contains a collection of studies of prominent educators who have made significant contributions to handing on the Catholic intellectual tradition in the United States. These men and women have enriched this tradition by careful attention to educational theories and methods that find their origin in the Jewish and Christian past. Ancient Israel was assiduous in handing on the Torah or Law, the prophets dramatically called people back to the practices of the covenant, and the sages gave practical advice for everyday living. The Acts of the Apostles and the Letters of Paul chronicle the careful attention to safeguarding and transmitting the teachings in the early apostolic Christian communities. Contributors to this tradition in the past three centuries have been mainly European scholars. However, in the past two centuries educators in the United States have made notable contributions to the task of handing on the Catholic intellectual tradition.

Table of contents:

John Lancaster Spalding: prelate and philosopher of Catholic education / Lucinda A. Nolan -- Edward Pace: pioneer psychologist, philosopher, and religious educator / John L. Elias -- Thomas E. Shields: progressive Catholic religious educator / John L. Elias -- George Johnson: policy maker for Catholic education / John L. Elias -- Virgil Michel: prophet of liturgical education and reform / Jacqueline Parascandola -- Sister M. Rosalia Walsh and the parish catechetical apostolate / Lucinda A. Nolan -- Jacques Maritain and his contribution to the philosophy of Catholic education in America / Luz M. Ibarra -- Neil G. McCluskey: a public voice for Catholic education / Harold D. Horell -- Mary Perkins Ryan: visionary in modern Catholic religious education / Ann M. Heekin -- Shaping the Christian century: the vision of Gerald Sloyan / Philip A. Franco.



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Educators in the Catholic Intellectual Tradition