Monika Hellwig


Monika Hellwig poses questions. What is specifically Catholic? What makes Catholic individuals, institutions, traditions, practices, characteristically Catholic? How do those characteristics relate to the Catholic Church as Church, as institution and as community, and as a community of witness to others? How can we pass that on when we no longer have the inclusive shaping of the lives of young people, of the family, or the community? How do we pass it on when it is no longer formulated in quite such a black and white, clear-cut way? What is the role of a Catholic university in that?

Her answers are meant to be suggestions for reflection and discussion. We have to ask exigently and very practically how we can continue the tradition and cherish the treasures of the tradition in our changing kind of world. We must create a new sense of community of mission, of purpose, of life, of witness, and of continuity in changing circumstances, where the external reinforcements are not automatically there. This is our task and challenge, and in this Catholic universities surely have a central and critical role.

This talk was delivered at Sacred Heart University on March 21, 1991 as the fourth annual Bishop Walter W. Curtis Lecture.



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