On April 12,1985, Sacred Heart University hosted the New England premiere of "The Old Forest," an hour-long film adaptation by Steven John Ross of Peter Taylor's short story. "The Old Forest "is, in Ross's words, "an ethnographic film," in this case focusing on various aspects of pre- World War II Memphis: the conventional, upper-class world of Nat Ramsey and Caroline Braxley, his fiance; the new working class world of Lee Ann Deehart, one of Nat's girlfriends; and the primeval world of the Old Forest, to which Lee Ann runs away in the crucial incident that forces Nat and Caroline to look closely at each other and themselves. "The Old Forest" is scheduled for nationwide television presentation on the Arts and Entertainment Network.

Ross introduced the film at Sacred Heart and led a discussion after the screening on various problems of adapting a literary work to the film medium. The following is an edited transcript of his comments and responses to questions raised by the audience.



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