As educators we must look ahead if we want our students to survive, adapt, and prosper in the fast-changing world of the twenty first century. Educators must demonstrate a responsibility for the future. The proper attitude to develop is a philosophy of "hopeful realism." With hopeful realism a person has a clear appreciation of the issues and risks that lie ahead but also a recognition of the emerging solutions and opportunities. Hopeful realism teaches not for the computer but rather for how one can apply the knowledge and power gained by using that computer. It exemplifies values that will continue to transform us into useful citizens and relates information to wisdom.

It is this philosophy, not science or technology, which should be uppermost in any culture or civilization, simply because the questions it can answer are more important for the continuance of human life. It is evident that the more technological capacity we possess, the more we need enduring values, because the more power that exists, the more we need to control its direction.



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