The principles of a free society are based upon, that is, logically entail, a definite metaphysics. If an academic institution were permitted to espouse these political principles it would, at least logically, be giving credence to the metaphysics upon which the principles are based. Therefore, to avoid this, the current doctrine of academic freedom as requires neutrality on the part of the institution in order to avoid the imposition of any orthodoxy at all.

This then firmly fixes us on the horns of the dilemma. No free society can endure unless it can pass on to its youth the basic principles concerning the equality of men, the source of rights, and the basis of law. The current position of the AAUP forbids any institution of higher learning from requiring that these basic political doctrines be taught on the grounds that such would be a violation of academic freedom.

This essay is based on a talk delivered at Sacred Heart University on February 10, 1987 as an Honors Lecture.

Robert A. Preston served as President of Sacred Heart University from 1986 to 1988.



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