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In chapter seven of Public Policy in Connecticut, Nicole X. Cauvin and Elaine B. Davis discuss the policy challenges associated with an aging or "graying" state population. Demographic data clearly demonstrate that Connecticut's population, similar to the population of other states, is becoming older. The authors propose innovative public policies designed to accommodate the long-term health care and social service needs of the state's elderly.


Cauvin, Nicole X. and Elaine B. Davis. "The Challenge of an Aging Population." Public Policy in Connecticut: Challenges and Perspectives. Ed. Gary L. Rose. Fairfield: Sacred Heart University Press, 2005.

Nicole Xavier Cauvin, Ph.D., is Professor of Sociology and Chair of the Department of Sociology, Social Work, and Criminal Justice at Sacred Heart University. Her research interests focus on Marx's theory of society and postmodernism, slavery in the French Caribbean, and the baby boomers and the aging of American society.

Elaine B. Davis, DSW, is Associate Professor of Social Work and Director of the Social Work Program at Sacred Heart University. Her research interests include the involuntary client-worker relationship, child welfare services, elderly services, and group work services. Her practical focus includes work with children and families in a community-based social service agency, medical social work residential services for the developmentally disabled, and work with the elderly.