Social Justice, Organizational Commitment and Job Satisfaction for Palliative Care Social Workers

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Peer-Reviewed Article

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Job satisfaction and organizational commitment are critical factors in retention of qualified and experienced social workers. Palliative care organizations may struggle to retain social workers who question if the organization’s practices are in conflict with social work values of social justice and equity. Improving palliative care social workers’ job satisfaction and organizational commitment can be a pathway to keeping palliative care social workers in their jobs. Aims of this study were to explore how social justice influences palliative care social workers’ organizational commitment and intention to stay in their jobs, and if these associations were mediated by job satisfaction. A cross-sectional, survey design, administered online, with a sample of 127 palliative care social workers was used. Findings suggest that job satisfaction mediates the relationship between an organization that establishes a norm of social justice and organizational commitment, this in turn, makes palliative care social workers less likely to want to leave their jobs.


Published online: 25 Jan 2021.