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Purpose & Acknowledgements: The Graduate Student Life Handbook was compiled by Mr. Jagdeep Singh Khasriya, a graduate student at Sacred Heart University.

When I was accepted at SHU for graduate studies, I was excited, confused, and curious at the same time as to where I will live, eat, shop, socialize, etc. Therefore, this book was compiled from a new graduate student’s perspective on what elements will interest the current students and help the prospective students. This is a general-purpose handbook that I hope will help students in showing everything that SHU has to offer by serving as a navigational guide. I would like to thank Dr. Kathy Dilks and Ms. Erica Sharp for allowing me the opportunity to develop this project and for their constant valuable guidance throughout this project. I would also like to thank all my friends for their insights on helping this handbook provide a deeper perspective on the graduate student body. Thank you! Jagdeep Singh Khasriya, Graduate Assistant for Graduate Student Affairs.

Disclaimer: Please note that this handbook is compiled to serve all graduate students to discuss universitywide services and standards. You may have an additional handbook of professional standards and department regulations issued by your academic program in addition to this one.

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Graduate Student Handbook 2022



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