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Highlights include: As the United Nations’ set deadline for Saddam Hussein to remove his troops from occupied Kuwait approached, student protest of U.S. policy in the Middle East crisis has spread --A sex education program designed by Health Services to train peer counselors how to deal with issues such as rape and sexually transmitted diseases faces restrictions imposed by Catholicism --In celebration of Black History Month, Ujammaa, the SHU Black Heritage Association, is sponsoring “Gospel Jamboree Night” --Student Voice: What is your reaction to the war in the Persian Gulf? --Interview with David A. Rodriguez, a student of SHU, who left Jan. 19 for Fort Dix, NJ. and then for Saudi Arabia -- David Lee Roth has reappeared on the music scene with his brand new release entitled “ A Little Ain’t Enough” --"The Godfather": Films of epic proportions --Elaine Agosti, the artistic athlete --SHU names all-time silver anniversary basketball team 1965-1990.



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