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Highlights include: The First Annual Pioneer Weekend events debuted in the quad on Fri. night with a Reggae fest featuring the band “Anthem" and the first home football game vs. lona --For the 1991-92 academic year, twelve professors and nine administrators have joined SHU: Kristen Wenzel, Eilene Berstch, Jacqueline Rinaldi, Edmund Garrick, Vincent Mangiacapra, Jeffery Croom, Henrik Eger and Piotr Gzowski, English professors, Theresa Gonzales and Jose Ventura, Management professors, Louise Spence, Media Studies professor, Dhanwant Sethi will be a visiting research professor in chemistry, and more --Dr. Gary Rose was recently feted at a reception in honor of the publication of his first book Controversial Issues in Presidential Selection --Student Voice: What is your opinion of Seiler's Food Service? --Music Department expands --Parade Of Prints Open Up '91 SHU Gallery Season --Football showing signs of rapid improvement --Baseball captures conference --The lady Pioneer softball team wrapped up it’s ‘91 season with a 27-8 record and a second straight New England Collegiate Conference Championship and NCAA Mid-Atlantic Tournament bid.



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