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Highlights include: Three Taft apartments burglarized over break-- Inter-resident council wins 'School of the year' award at Northeast Affiliate of College and University Residence Hall Conference-- Career fair helps students plan for life after SHU-- Habitat for Humanity builds a house North Carolina during spring break-- A Shayhk delivers a sermon at SHU to shed light on Islam-- Dismissal of Dr. Young, a professor on track to tenure raises concern among faculty-- University alumnus hosts original MSG show-- During rising war times students are unsure if SHU security is enough-- Two new birth control methods are gaining popularity over the traditional pill on campus-- Spring has sprung on campus chasing out the cold winter weather-- AC/DC inducted into the Hall of Fame-- Four SHU wrestlers qualify for NCAA championship tournament-- Men's lacrosse beat Butler University 15-12-- Woman's lacrosse beat Albany 15-10



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