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Highlights include: Steven M. Wise, a pioneer in Animal Rights Law, lectured at SHU on his book Rattling the Cage, which focuses on the legal rights of animals. The event was hosted by the Hersher Institute for Applied Ethics and Brian Stiltner, Ph. D. Assistant Professor of Religious Studies --Honorable Frederica S. Brenneman was the Paralegal Club’s guest speaker in the Faculty Lounge. She is the Senior Superior Court Judge for the state of Connecticut and spoke about her daughter Amy and the TV show Judging Amy --SHU students learn the art of meditation --Safety concerns may not deter SHU students from flying --Battle of NEC unbeatens lands SHU on top --Pioneers’ Graham: A poet who happens to play football or an athlete who writes poetry --Women*s bowling strikes it up --Pioneer spirit fills the Pitt for a night of sport madness.



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