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Highlights include: Flik gets a facelift --On September 13 a conference was held with a wide range of guest speakers including Dr. Cenera, Dr. Amy Van Buren, Dr. Linda Strong, Dr. Stiltner, Dr. Gary Rose and Dr. Kikoski to offer insight on 9/11 attacks --The university has had two interim librarians, the first being Mary Rogers and the current, acting librarian Susan Broadstone, since University Librarian Dorothy Kijanka retired during the 1998-1999 academic year --Welcome from Tom Pesce, student government president --Commentary from Keri Blair: Americans re-discover pride in time of tragedy --Meet your student government --SHU salutes Public Safety (photos) --“Hardball” Hits a Home Run; Entertainment World Still In Mourning --SHU Art Gallery kicks off with “Common Threads”, which brings together the work of four artists who include the use of thread, cloth, lace or images of clothing, traditional materials and skills -- --Fencer junior Sean “Ronnie” Robenson from Bethpage Long Island is athlete of the week --Sports world put on hold: University and professional athletes lend hand to rescue relief efforts.



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