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Issue numbers were omitted for Volume 15 in the 1975-1976 school year.

Highlights include: SHU gets HEW grant money for planning and beginning cooperative education, in which upper class students could combine alternating semesters of academic study with assigned and related off-campus full-time paid employment --A special Bicentennial Celebration Committee has been formed under the chairmanship of Richard A. Matzek, university librarian --All student vehicles must be registered --Welcome Freshmen! from Dean Ford, Pres. Kidera, and Dean Croffy -- Chaplain's Office never closed, say Father John Juliani and Sister “Patsy” Deignan --Nicole X. Cauvin is the new addition to SHU’s Sociology Department --What is an Obelisk? On the campus of SHU, Obelisk is your means of written communication and representation --Sport report.



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